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Family Night Cooking

How often is it that families get separated and rarely get together for a family night and a wonderful meal together. Our children grow up, move away and because they are so busy with their own lives they don’t see their parents or each other very often. Or maybe the children are still at home, but for whatever reason, the family doesn’t spend a night together for a nice family dinner around the table.

Here I want to share with you something I have started in my own home. I live alone and my ex-wife is living with my daughter in her house. So what I’ve done is have them both come to my place every Sunday night for dinner. Each week one of us takes a turn creating a meal at my place. It’s something we all really enjoy and look forward to every week. When it’s my turn, I plan the menu and prepare and cook as much of the meal as I’m able to do (I’m disabled now so some things I need help with). Then I just turn my kitchen over to my daughter and her mother to do the meals on their days.

You don’t have to limit this to just family either. You can do this with your best friends too. Set a night when they will be coming to your home or you to theirs. There is no better way to build friendships and strengthen relationships than in the kitchen and around the dinner table. It shouldn’t be limited just to special occasions. They are special people in our lives, so it should be a special occasion when we get together.

So today, make a plan and invite your children or friends over and get a tradition of having a family night or a friends night and have fun. You’ll be glad you did!


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What’s for Supper?

How many times have we heard that? All to often we hear the question and have no good answer for it. We look in the frig and the pantry for something to fix and still no good answer to the question.

Will it be a can of Chow Mein? Or maybe a boxed supper bake? How about some hamburger helper? Wow, that sounds good! But then we want it quick and just throw a frozen pizza in the oven for 12 to 14 minutes and call it good enough.

Why do we do this? I think because most of us really haven’t learned how to cook. I mean why learn to cook when all we have to do is to whip up some instant mashed potatoes, grab a bag of frozen meatballs from the freezer and open a can of vegetables?

For myself, I was getting so bored with what I was eating I sometimes didn’t have an appetite for what I had in the kitchen. So you know what I did? I decided I was going to learn how to cook. What a radical idea! Sure, I could follow a recipe and it would turn out okay…if it was well written. If it wasn’t good I could just blame the recipe. Well the truth is that recipes are often, and most of the time not good. They don’t teach you how to cook.

I started to search for cooking videos on YouTube to find some that would teach me how to cook. I’m not talking about someone that showed me how they fixed this dish or that one. I mean the real science and art of cooking…like you find in a real cooking school.

Here are two of my favorites that I found. The first is “The Seasoned Cook” and the other is “Chef Todd Mohr“. These guys are dedicated to teaching you how to cook. That’s what they do. I would suggest you take a look at their YouTube channels and start learning what real cooking is all about. With the knowledge I’ve gained already, I don’t need to be following a recipe. I will look at some to get ideas, but then I get in the kitchen and prepare it the way I want.

I now bake all my own bread, create my own meals using my herbs and spices, stocks and broths from which I get meals exploding with flavor. No more boring dinners from a box for me.

So what I’m doing now with this blog is cleaning up this old site that I haven’t posted on for years, renaming it and sharing my journey as I continue to learn to cook. I hope I will be an inspiration to others to do the same. So follow me and learn with me and together we will become great cooks!


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